Calculator Gold

Calculator Gold is the most exclusive Calculator ever made for iPad. Designed with pure gold buttons, Calculator Gold comes with twelve unique background skins: metal, leather, marble and wood. And yes, there is gold dollar skin to do great business calculations :-)

Calculator Gold is very simple and intuitive to use because it was designed to use the iPad full screen. Calculator Gold has 35 mathematical functions accessible in a scroll view where you can set the order of the functions, allowing you to putt in first the functions you use the most.

You can also choose your favorite skins and button sounds.

Calculator Gold. Your golden touch.

What’s new in version 1.1.0
- 35 mathematical functions (accessible in a scroll view):
square root, cubic root, yth root, 1/x, x^3, x^y, 10^x, 2^x, e^x, sin, sen-1, cos, cos-1, tan, tan-1, sinh, sinh-1, cosh, cosh-1, tanh, tanh-1, ln, log, log2, logy, x!, randomize, pi, e, M+, M-, MC, MR and +/-.
- favorite functions selection (to set the order in the scroll view)
- favorite skin selection
- 8 button sounds: tap, cash, glass, kiss, fart, cat, bird and cow

Calculator Gold. Your golden touch.